Monday, January 21, 2019

Daily Life As I Live It #1

Last week, I was combing through the archives of this blog (and its earlier iterations), for a long-overdue tidy.  As I looked back at some of my earlier posts I noticed that when I was blogging the most, I was writing about my life and mental health more often.  These posts may not have had the same reach other review-based posts, but they were cathartic to write at the time.  Though, to be honest, I don't have the courage to go back and read them.

Throughout my life, I have dealt with difficult situations by compartmentalizing my feelings and, in true Irish-American fashion, putting them into a little box that I smash into the farthest corners of my psyche.  I've never been great about communicating my feelings verbally, either.  Writing about how I feel is about as close to emotional expression as I have been able to allow myself, but it's an outlet I haven't allowed myself for a long time.  I've decided to change that.

Over the weekend, I learned that one of my loved ones is in fragile health and that we don't have as long together and I thought we would.  This news reiterated to me not only how tenuous life can be, but also my need to express my feelings in the best way I know how.  To write them.

I don't know what the coming weeks and months have in store for me, for my family, but I know that I can't put it in a box and hide it from myself.  I'm going to need to write about it.  So, as I can, as I need I will.

Fair warning: it's going to periodically get emotional around these parts.

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