Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blogmas 2K15

For those of us who “don’t do Christmas,” the holiday season is a trying time. The stores are a chaotic mess of people and picked over items.  With the influx of people on the road during the holiday season and the inclement weather, even the great outdoors can seem like a nightmarish hellscape. 

Social media doesn’t help matters either.  For many of us, our YouTube feeds and blogrolls are filled with festive themed videos and posts from mid-November onward.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas or subscribe to a Christo-centric worldview December can turn into one prolonged, FOMO-filled panic attack.  If it isn’t bad enough that no one can get a McFlurry on the 25th, they have to make us anxious about it for eight weeks—seriously, folks?!

Believe me, I know the struggle.  I take my McFlurries seriously.  Very.  Seriously. 

This year, when I was conceiving Blogmas 2015 for TLD, I decided to focus my 24 daily posts on topics and reviews that would be a welcome distraction from the traditional yuletide clusterfudge; I want to redirect the conversation. 

December isn’t just about fat Coca-Cola pitchmen and their Nordic beasts of burdeon: it’s about winter, curling up with a good book or a crappy movie, and relishing the fact that you aren’t at the mall in sub-zero temperature.—these are the ideas I want to celebrate, the experiences I want TLD to champion. 

So get ready for four(-ish) weeks of posts that will challenge the end-of-the-year blogger’s paradigm.  Get ready for Blogmas, TDL-style.   

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