Sunday, December 13, 2015

Blogmas 2k15: Day 5-- My December Reading Goals

Going into the month of December I was a dozen-or-so books shy of my GoodReads Reading Challenge goal of finishing 75 books in 2015. Twelve books is a daunting stack for someone who works two jobs, commutes, and who tries to blog on the side.

With potential defeat staring me in the face I decided to get serious about my reading goals for the month. Like, actually serious this time. 

Chief among my reading goals for December is to complete my 2015 GoodReads Challenge.  I completed two of my past three challenges and I would like to make it three for four.  I don't have a hard and fast TBR for the month, but there are a few formats I would like to explore and read-alongs that I would like to take part in this month.

Read Alongs

Classical Literature Reading Along 2.0

This year I am going to be taking part in the Classical Literature Read Along 2.0 hosted by Jean from Bookish Thoughts.  This year, participants are reading two plays The Bacchae by Euripides and The Frogs by Aristophanes.   If you are interested in reading either play or getting involved in the discussion of these works you can check out Jean's announcement video here and the GoodReads group for the Read Along here.

His Dark Materials Read Along

I've also opted to join the His Dark Materials Read Along hosted by Jen Campbell and Holly from Library at the End of the World; you can read their announcement videos here (Jen) and here (Holly).  I've actually never read the His Dark Materials; when I was a tween and teen, when the novels were first released, I wasn't into fantasy literature or in reading series accept for Harry Potter.  Now that I teach middle schoolers, I think it is important that I make up for lost time and read some series that might appeal to them.  Since I am stepping outside of my comfort zone for this one, I thought it would be best if I attempted the series as part of the Read Along, that way there would be others I could reach out to on social media if I need to.

Experimenting with Formats


At the beginning of December I got a new iPhone and decided to finally delve into the world of eBooks.  I have read various short stories online and have even started reading novels in the Kindle app in the past; however, the smallness of the screen and the severity of my nearsightedness made that process nearly impossible to see through.  Now that I have a larger screen I am prepared to give eBooks another go.  I recently bought John Burnside's The Dumb House for Kindle; since the book is only available in eBook format in the states, I am basically forced to follow through on this eBook!


Earlier this year I set myself the goal of reading five audiobooks this year; so far, I have only read two to date-- Gone Girl and The Scarlet Letter-- and I have a couple of books on my iPod that I can listen to and a few more out from the library that I plan to add to iTunes very soon.  Over the holiday break I will have a lot of writing to do and I have found that listening to adiobooks can be a soothing way to pass the hours when I am tucked into a project.  With a little determination, I can hopefully reach my goal by New Year's Eve.

Unfinished Business

Earlier this month, I wrote about some of the items that are on my Still Need to Finish List, books that I started earlier this year and would like to finally complete (you can check that post out here).  Hopefully, I will be able to get back into the swing of reading one of the books I wrote about and a couple of others that I did not, like Jenny Lawson's Let's Pretend This Never Happenend and Haruki Murakami's After the Quake, a collection of short stories.

Graphic Novels and Manga

A few years ago I was really into reading graphic novels and read several of them every month; however, in recent years I haven't been "on the panel," so to speak.  This year I have made an effort to read more graphic novels and I would like to branch out and read some manga.  Many of my students love reading manga and I would like to have another way to connect to my youngin's.  I've taken the first three books from the Death Note series out from the public library and a small stack of graphic novels out from the academic library where I work.  Hopefully my selections will serve me well and I'll get some comic reading done in December.

What do you hope to read this month?  Let me know on Instagram @the_lexicon_devil.

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