Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Blogmas 2k15: Day 10-- My Winter Vacation Goals

Now that school is out of session until next year-- well next month anyway-- I finally have some free time to accomplish some of the many tasks that I have had to put off since summer.

  1. Complete my GoodReads 2015 Reading Challenge-- I set the goal of reading 75 books.  Presently, I am four off from my goal with just over a week till the New Year.  I think I've got this one.
  2. Complete My Writing Project-- I have been working on a writing project for a few years and I am very close to being completed with the whole project.  My hope is to have this project completed by the time I go back to work on January 4th.
  3. Watch 10 Movies-- I hate going to the cinema, but I have both Netflix and Hulu streaming subscriptions.  While I am on vacation, I would like to get my money's worth from both services!
  4. Read Two Audiobooks--To meet my personal goal for 2015, I need to have read five audiobooks by the end of the year; at present I have completed three . . . just two more to go!
  5. Lesson Plan for the First Week Back-- I like to do my lesson planning in advance so I don't have to flail when my students get back from their break.  As long as I have a well-planned itinerary for the kids ready to go, their transition back into school should be an easy one.
  6. Finish Blogmas-- Lord help me I have 15 more posts to go and Christmas is in two days . . . can I make it?  You're darn right I can!
  7. Reorganize My Room-- On a good day my room looks like it's one bad weekend away from an episode of Hoarders.  Let's just say I have had a few bad weekends.
  8. Sort Out My Shoes and Clothes for Donation-- I have lots of clothes and shoes that either need to be thrown out or donated to a better home.  Before the year is over I am going to have to do a grand clear out and give some of my gently used items to the Salvation Army.
  9. Organize My Wardrobe-- After months of neglect, my wardrobe shelves are looking worse for wear.  When I am in the midst of my clear out I am going to have to reorganize my storage spaces.
  10. Finally Reach Goal Reward Status at Starbucks-- I have been a Gold Rewards member at Starbucks since the beginning of the program.  However, this year I went off of Starbucks and coffee in general.  None the less, I still want to maintain my Gold Level status just . . . because!  Six more beverages and I am solid!

What are your winter vacation goals?  Let me know on Twitter @thelexicondev .

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