Friday, May 8, 2015

April Favorites

Here in the land of eternal summer April proved to be yet another uncooperative weather month.  Not only were the fabled April showers virtually non-existent, but we also managed to hit the 90 degree mark for the first time this year.  When you figure in the early blossoming the warm weather has brought on with high winds, you have the makings of allergy hell.  For the better part of a month, I have been sneezing, wheezing and trying to make due with one functioning nostril.  The struggle, dudes.

As hot, snotty, and miserable as April was,  there were a few things that made the month suck considerably less.

1 When Haruki met Snotty

April was the month that I finally started to read Haruki Murakami.  In the span of two weeks I completed two Murakamis and started another two.  For those of you who are reticent to read Murakami based on past experiences with Japanese Literature or magical realism, fear not.  The author's prose is as accessible as it is beautiful.  The experience of reading Murakami is not unlike reading one of Vonnegut's more nuanced novels.  Two reviews will be on their way later this month-- stay tuned.

2 Sun Protection Without the Spots

Sunscreen is a no-brainer for me: I'd like to prevent premature aging, reduce my risk of melanoma, and main my lovely pallor.  The problem with most sunscreens, however, is that they break me out.  Recently, I started using Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, a mineral sunscreen and face tint that provides an SPF 30 and a light coverage that is all I need as a base, provided I set it with a powder.  Unlike the traditional Bare Minerals formula, Complexion Rescue doesn't oxidize on my skin and make me look like I bathed in a vat of Fanta.

3 Keep Calm and Drink Some Tea

I've always preferred a well brewed cup of tea to a coffee, but as of late has become life.  My sinuses are terribly congested and I'm wheezing more than Mrs. Jefferson (BAZINGA-- see what I did there?).  Tea has been the only think to lessen the pain and congestion in my sinuses.  In particular Celestial Seasons Sleepy Time tea and Twinings Lady Gray and Irish Breakfast teas have been my brews of choice.  

4 Puffs Basic Soft Pack

When you're ill, dainty pocket packs of tissue are usually all used up and grotty by the time you reach the end of your block-- you have an abundance of snot and too-few tissues.  This is where these new Puffs packs come in: flexible enough to fit in your handbag, small enough to fit in with your other purse crap, and plentiful enough to get you through a long workday on the move.  Were it not for these, I would have been lost in April.

5 Shoes but Not Really

For my birthday in March I received a pair of monochrome black TOM's Classics.  I've been wearing these to death since I got them and for good reason: they're super comfortable, light, breathabvle, and go well with most of the outfits I wear to work during the week and my weekend sweatpants.  

Those were my April favorites.  What helped you get through the month?  Let me know in the comments!

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