Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blogmas Day 29: 2014 Discoveries

Hello, everyone.  Now that we are almost half-way through January, I have almost completed my Blogmas series (hahaha!—I’m ever so timely!).

For my twenty-ninth post, I am going to discuss the discoveries I made in 2015.  There were a lot of products that I grew to love over the past two months and there were plenty of clothes that caught my eye as well, but, the most important discoveries I made in the past year are more ephemeral than tangible.  Here are some personal discoveries made during my thirty-first year of life:

I like myself.  I have reached a point in my life where my self-worth isn’t linked to my figure or to a number on a label or a scale.  I’m a cool person.  I’m a smart person.  I do meaningful work that matters to my community.  None of these truths has anything to do with my measurements . . . or even what others think of me.  If I like myself and approach the world with self-confidence, others will respond in kind to me.

Pick your battles.  You can’t die on the cross for every cause or for every wounded soul who wanders into your orbit.  You don’t have the time or emotional or physical energy to make a big deal over everything that seemingly matters in the moment.  If my students are acting up in class, I don’t pounce on every rule they break—I address the big ones and give side eye to the smaller ones.  Only spend your energy on the causes that will matter to you in a year order more . . . if it’s not going to matter next year or next week, then it’s not worth getting butt hurt over.  Seriously. 

Skinny jeans come in plus-sizes. I used to think that my curvier build meant that I couldn’t wear skinny jeans without looking like a kielbasa.  This year, in a moment of sheer madness at Old Navy, I realized that the cut can look flattering and fashionable . . . even on me.  The moral of the story here is that you shouldn’t let the fear of looking foolish stop you from trying something you are interested in.  Worst case scenario, you look like a fool for a moment . . . then the moment is over.  Try new and innocuous things, kids, it’s good for the soul!

Consistency is key.  As in skincare, as in life.  When you find a routine that works for you and your unique circumstances, stick with it.  An easy way to get off track in life is to stray from your schedule—how many times have you forgotten to do something because you were interrupted in your routine?  There is nothing wrong with changing it up every now and then . . . but stick to what you know and what works.

Life is too short to keep reading a book you hate.  If you’re not clicking with a book, put it down and move on to another. Life is short and there is no logical reason why you should elect to be miserable if you don’t have to be.  The same principal applies to TBRs (to be read lists): you don’t have to stick to a specific list and read them chronologically—read what you like when you like and stop reading it when you don’t like it.  It actually is that simple, I promise.

I hope some of my 2014 discoveries rang true for you as well.  Let me know some of your 2014 lessons in the comments—words of wisdom are always welcome!

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