Sunday, July 27, 2014

What I am Looking Forward to This Week #9: Lazy Vacation Edition

When you’re on vacation, one day bleeds into the next and it is easy to lose sight of the passing days.  It seems like I was writing another of these posts, like, yesterday and here I am again having a gander at yet another week to come.  Seriously, where is summer going and can it please slow down a little?

Anyhoo, in lieu of a day-by-day list of what’s going on, I thought I would mix up the format of this post and just discuss seven goals and happenings that have me excited about the week ahead. 

(1)   Getting Caught Up on My Research Writing and Reading—I still have a lot of headway to make on my research project and I have some time to get moving on it.  I need to REALLY get on that work this week. Actually, I should probably get working on that tonight . . .
(2)  Planning for the New School Year—When the school year begins, everything starts to move very quickly: the kids are in a blind panic, administrators and office staff are addled, and, well, so are the teachers.  I really want to ease into the next year with as little panic as possible; believe it or not, this will be the tenth school year that I have worked in education and I want my preparation to reflect that career milestone, y’know?
(3)  Getting a Few Books Ticked Off My Summer TBR—Last week I was able to complete one of the books on my summer TBR and it felt cool to get that one crossed off my list.  I would like to get another one (or two) crossed off this week.  For the past couple of weeks I have had a hard time trying to get to sleep; it might actually be a good idea to use that found time for some reading because watching puppy videos on YouTube ain’t cuttin’ in at two a.m.
(4)  Weddle Down My Netflix and Hulu Queues—Unsurprisingly, I have  monstrous queues on both of my streaming accounts.  I really should start going through the lists and removing films and shows that I am no longer interested in or that I have already watch.  Naturally, I am going to watch some of the items that are still lined up, but that goes without saying . . .
(5)  The Gloriousness of Getting to Sleep in—As I mentioned, I have struggled getting to sleep for a couple of weeks, which makes getting to sleep in all the more lovely and necessary.  Truly, I cannot express the true beauty of waking up when the sun is actually up and shining.  IS THIS REAL LIFE?!
(6)  Online Shopping—It is no secret that I enjoy placing the odd online order.  With a heat wave and payday on the horizon, methinks an order to two may be in the offing. 
(7)  Chillin’ Poolside—Now that a majority of the kids in my area have gone back to school, I now have the community pool almost exclusively to myself during the workweek.  There’s nothing better than taking a dip and then reading in the warm shade.  This.  Is.  The.  Life. 

What are you looking forward to this week?

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Helen G said...

i love ordering online too, it's like christmas when parcels arrive haha

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