Monday, July 14, 2014

What I am Looking Forward to This Week #7 (Belated Edition)

Well, hello, hello! 

It’s time for another installment of “What I am Looking Forward to This Week,” where I review the events I am looking forward to in the coming days and discuss my weekly goals.  Here’s what has me excited for the third week of July:

Monday 07/14/14: Getting Organized and Back of Track with the Blog
It’s good to be back on the interwebs after a few weeks away from my blog.  A combination of malaise, stress, and summer coursework left me feeling uninspired and I just needed some time away from writing for a while.  Truth be told, I could have written some half-hearted posts that were of no interest to anyone (myself foremost among them) or I could take some time off and feel more like myself again.  Obviously, y’know, I took a wee sabbatical. 

Tuesday 07/15/14: Fee Waiver Time
One of the benefits of being Adjunct Faculty at a Community College is that you get to take classes at the college for free.  Given that I always take at least two classes a semester for fun, this faculty benefit saves me almost $1,000 a year.  You.  Can’t.  Beat.  It.

Wednesday 07/16/14: Finishing the First Flavia de Luce Mystery
I recently started reading The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, the first novel in Canadian author Alan Bradley’s Flavia de Luce mystery series, and I have about one hundred pages to go.  If I stay on track with my reading, I should be done with the book by midweek and be well entrenched in the second novel in the series, The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag, by the weekend.  I’m crap with keeping up on my reading goals, so let’s not hold our breath on this one though, shall we?

Thursday 07/17/14: Last Day of My Summer Library Hours
Thursday will be my last day working at the library for the summer semester.  In mid-August I will be back to my normal three hour shift once a week, but in the meantime I will have my days completely and fully to myself. 

Friday 07/18/14: MAC Order Should Arrive
Last week, I placed a MAC order for two limited edition blush/ highlighting products for my mom and me.  Mom got the Sharon Osborn Mineralize Skin Finish from the Osborn collaboration and I picked up a blush from the hit and miss Moody Blooms collection.  I’m psyched to see have another limited edition goodie in my collection!

Saturday 07/19/14: School’s Out for Summer
My summer classes will be officially over by the weekend.  I am really looking forward to getting to spend my time as I please . . . and get caught up on all of the things I have let slide over the past few months.

Sunday 07/20/14: Spider Armageddon
Last week, I started knocking down some of the spider webs on my veranda . . . until I started to feel like there were spiders in my hair and I had to take a hot shower to rid myself of the creepy crawlies.  Come this weekend, the spider colony will be no more; that’s right, I am taking a hose to those little mofos and blasting them back to Hades!

So, crazy bug drama aside, what are all of you looking forward to this coming week?  Tell me what’s good, folks!

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