Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review: LUSH Big Blue Bath Bomb

This past weekend, I made my first sojourn to LUSH. After some consultation with the lovely ladies manning the kiosk and poring over ingredients lists for my known allergens, I settled on a few bios and bobs to try out over the next few weeks.

The first item I tried was the Big Blue bath bomb, an unassuming blue and white sphere that is packed with an ocean's worth of seaweed and managed to turn my bathtub into an unpopulated aquarium.  Here's a short iPhone video of the bath bomb in action:


According to the LUSH website, Big Blue's key ingredients are lavender, sea salt, and Arame Seaweed (no kidding!). In the bath, Big Blue gives off a muskier scent than you would expect from its ingredients; if fact, it's lavender notes come across only subtly. For an oceanic-themed product, Big Blue has a decidedly earthy aroma that is both calming and soothing.

What drew me to Big Blue, however, wasn't just its lovely scent, but it's promise to soften and detoxify my summer ravaged skin. I can't testify to the product's ability to detoxify my skin (how would you even measure that?), but I can say that my skin didn't feel noticeably softer afterward. If anything, my back and upper arms were left feeling itchy after my soak. I'm almost certain that I have a seaweed sensitivity  I didn't know about previously; oh, well,  another ingredient to add to the "Avoid List."

Even though Big Blue didn't deliver the results it claimed, scratchy back aside, I can't say I'd give it a total miss. The bath bomb Smelled like a dream and I can't deny the novelty of turning your bath tub into an aquarium. On the other hand, dried seaweed is a bitch to scrub off the bottom of your tub. Overall, Big Blue is a great, soothing bath product . . . for someone else.

Have you tried LUSH products in the past? Which items should I try next?

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