Monday, June 2, 2014

What I am Looking Forward to This Week #3

Here is Week #3’s edition of “What I am Looking Forward to,” where I discuss the tasks, events, and items I am most looking forward to in the next seven days.  So far, this is what I have on my plate for this week:

Monday: Starting a new Book

After disappointing myself with May’s lack of reading, I managed to complete a book on Sunday evening and thus get to start a new book today.  I have decided to read John Green’s Looking for Alaska; the novel comes highly recommended by teens and adult alike and it seems a natural progression from The Fault in Our Stars which was a thing of beauty.  Also, I find Young Adult fiction is easier and quicker to read.  Now that it’s the end of the school year, I need literature that is high interest and isn’t too intellectually taxing. 

Tuesday: Completing Season 1 of The Only Way is Essex

Look: I have graduated from University at the top of my class, but that doesn’t mean I am “too good” for a bit of trashy television.  I am almost done with the first series, I just have to watch the Christmas episode then I can binge watch Season 2.  Truth be told, I LOVE TOWIE and I am sad that I didn’t start watching this little bit of train wreck television sooner.  Seriously, Hulu, you have the American broadcasting rights for the best/worst show ever, talk it up a bit more! 

Wednesday: Completing the Summer Assignments

My primary task for this week is to finish writing up the summer assignments for the incoming juniors, seniors, and Advanced Placement students.  I have four assignments to write and get approved by my administrators by the beginning of next week.  As always, my preference is to get the assignments completed beforehand, get them approved, and distribute them to students before the end of the school year.  Though this task may be challenging, I am determined to make this my central priority for the week.

Thursday: Finalize Grades

The last week of the school year is always anything but academic; the final days before summer vacation are always spent celebrating and shoring up the semester’s loose ends.  My intention is to have my students’ grades as near to final as possible by Thursday, even though the last day of school isn’t till June 16.  I want to make sure the students have an opportunity to turn in any late work they may have and give myself some time to get these late assignments graded. 

Friday: Cleaning My Desk

My messiness of legend: my room is messy; my backpack is messy; and, unsurprisingly, my work desk looks like it spend a bad weekend in Chechnya.  Before I leave for summer vacation, I need to make sure that I clean out my desk.  Nothing is more overwhelming than returning to work where your desk is covered in papers and cough drop wrappers. 

Saturday: Cleaning My Room

Again, more cleaning.  Since I am going to be working for several hours a week at the library this summer, I will not have as much time to leisurely clean my room this summer.  As such, I hope to spend a portion of next weekend cleaning my room and organizing some of my papers.  I have a lot on my plate for the next few months.  If I hope to stay on top of my work, I need to make sure my personal effects are in order.

Sunday: This is the End

Sunday will be my last “prepping for the next week” day of this school year.  I’m always thrilled (and relieved) when I manage to get my seniors through to the end of the school year, but I do get choked up at the thought of these young people I have spent years teaching leaving the nest.  Any teacher who doesn’t feel a familial bond with their students isn’t worth their weight in Expo pens!

What are you most looking forward to this week?

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