Monday, May 26, 2014

What You Should Be Watching: 3 Movies to Stream for Memorial Day

For many Americans, Memorial Day is a day off of work and an excuse to break out the barbeque; Memorial Day is also the unofficial kick off to the summer movie season.  On this day when we are meant to remember the ultimate sacrifice thousands of Americans have made, might I suggest spending part of your day streaming one of these war and military themed films:

Dr. Strangelove (1964, Netflix)—If you’re looking for a dark comedy, you should look no further than Stanley Kubrick’s classic Cold War comedy.  Peter Sellers and George C. Scott put in some of the finest performances of their careers in this film about an impending nuclear holocaust.  You will never feel the same way about Vera Lynn’s “We’ll Meet Again.”

The Invisible War (2012, Netflix)—This Oscar nominated documentary deals with the military’s largely ignored sexual assault epidemic.  The film highlights victims’ lack of physical and mental healthcare services as well as the absence of a credible judicial system to handle their cases.  Soldiers are not nameless, faceless individuals who are impervious to trauma; we need to do a far better job of insuring that support infrastructures are in place for assault victims.  Truly, one of the best ways we can honor our service people is to insure the safety, credibility, and justness of their institutions. 

Night and Fog (1955, Hulu Plus)—This short documentary was one of the first to look back on the Holocaust, barely a decade after Hitler’s death camps closed.  As it is vital that as a society we remember the important role that our armed forces play not only within our own borders, but internationally.  100,000 American military personnel died during World War II; we should honor their sacrifice and remember they helped save the world. 

How are you planning to spend your Memorial Day?  What films do you hope to see?

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