Sunday, May 25, 2014

What I Am Looking Forward to This Week #2

It’s Sunday night, again: the time I curl up with a sleep pug, a warm cup of tea, wait for the weekly Columbo episode to air, and reflect on the events I am most looking forward to in the coming week. 

Monday—Memorial Day

I am very thankful that I don’t have to wake up early for work tomorrow, but I am extremely thankful that thousands of men and women have given their lives in the name of our country.  Though I haven’t always agreed with my country’s political directions or military actions at home or overseas, I feel a tremendous debt of gratitude to the individuals past and present who have sacrificed their lives for our nation.  You can support the troops, but not the war; they are not mutually exclusive.

After I have said some quiet thoughts to those who have served, I plan to have a swim, eat a couple of hot dogs, grade, do some school work of my own, and binge watch William Holden movies.

Tuesday—Last Day at the Library for a Month!

Tuesday will be my last day at the library until the end of June.  The spring 2014 semester is all but over and the library will be closed until the summer session begins mid-way through June.  I LOVE working in the library; however, I am also looking forward to having a little bit less on my plate for a couple of weeks.

I imagine Tuesday will be quiet, so I will probably spend most of my hours on the desk working on a LibGuide or weeding.

Wednesday—Finishing Finals!

Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to finish my finals last week.  My finals are *super due* on Tuesday and Thursday.  I would like to have both of them completed by today at the latest.  My finals consist of one gigantic test (I have to score at least a 210-215 out of 300 in order to keep a B) and one revised short story.  I don’t like to save tests (especially) for the very last minute just in case there is a glitch. 

This term has been a trying one for me, so I expect to get at least a B in each of my classes.

Thursday—Decorating Plans

It’s been four months since we moved and I still haven’t decorated my room.  I have one unpacked corner and four bare walls; I plan to finalize my decorating ideas this week and start to make some initial decorative purchases this weekend. 

Friday—A Quiet Evening In

I’ve never been a party animal.  Loud noises, large crowds, and inebriation have never appealed to me.  Rather, Friday is best spent in the confines of my home, eating a yummy dinner and watching a movie with my mom and my pug.  For Friday, I am thinking Papillion (1973) and Chili’s chicken fajitas might be a good pairing.

Saturday—The Weekly Shop

Saturday is usually the day my mother and I do our weekly shop.  Sure, shopping for vegetables and toilet paper may not be the most glamorous of purchases, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I love using self-checkout. 

Sunday—The Home Stretch

Next Sunday will mark the beginning of June, the homestretch for many students and teachers alike.  Students tend to think that teachers’ lives do not extend beyond their classrooms; when we reach this point in the year, however, most teachers are longing for summer, too.  Only 16 days from here!

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