Sunday, May 18, 2014

What I am Looking Forward to This Week #1

Welcome to a new feature on The Lexicon Devil: What I am Looking Forward to This Week.  These posts will focus on the items and events I am most anticipating in the coming week.  Mondays usually stink, so it’s always a good idea to have positive thoughts moving into the new week.  Here is what has me soaked about the next seven days:

Monday: Watching M with my advanced level seniors.  Since they took the AP test earlier in the month, my seniors are now ending their school year with a “Film as Literature” unit.  The first film on the bill is Fritz Lang’s M (1931) about child killer in Weimar Era Germany.  It’s truly wonderful to share a classic piece of world cinema with a group of young people, exposing them to a work of art they may have otherwise never encountered. 

Tuesday: Working in the Library.  Tuesday is my shift at the library.  I always relish the opportunity to work with a different population of students and to help connect people with the information they need.  It’s wonderful to be challenged intellectually and professionally in ways I am not normally challenged. 

Wednesday: Completing Lean In.  I’d like to have Lean In completed by today.  I have really enjoyed reading the book and it would be cool to have the last one hundred pages or so completed by Wednesday—an entirely doable goal. 

Thursday: A minimum day at work.  We have a minimum day and collaborative work day on Thursday that will help our faculty set the groundwork for the shift to a new set of curricular standards in the fall.  While there has been a lot of controversy about these new standards and their implementation, it feels good to have a handle over the changes that are soon-to-come to my profession.

Friday: Watching a comedy with my mom and pug.  I’m looking forward to having a chill out session with my mom and THE FOOSA at the end of the week.  We all work really hard throughout the week (yes, even the pug) so it’s nice to hang out together and just relax.

Saturday: Completing my Spring classes.  I’d like to get all of my work for my Spring classes completed by next Saturday so I can start focusing on other things in the lead-up to the Summer intersession. 

Sunday: Not having to go to work on Monday!  Thank goodness for the Memorial Day holiday!  I could use a break leading into the home stretch for this school year.  While I am thankful for a day off of work, I am more thankful for the men and women who gave their lives for my country. 

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