Monday, April 21, 2014

Good Intentions: On Starting a New Healthy Lifestyle Regimen

When you work with teenagers, you grow a thick skin very quickly.  I have been called every name under the sun in about a dozen languages and at this point, it doesn’t even phase me.  There is one pejorative that sticks in my craw however: fat. 

Fatty.  Fatass.  Lardass.  Lardbutt.  <----- Those bug the fuck out of me.  I’m chubby.  I’m fluffy.  I’m curvy.  I’m a lot of things besides overweight and I’m certainly not a lardass.

The last thing any chubby gal (or guy!) wants to be told is that they are fat (we know) or that we need to do something about it (we will if we want to) and if we don’t do something about it we’re worthless (we’re not and it’s none of your business if you don’t pay our insurance premiums). 

While I undoubtedly have some major chubby swag (I’m fluffy and fabulous, y’all!), I do want to have more energy and be healthier—and dropping some weight is the way I can achieve that goal.  When you drop even as little as 20% of yourbody weight, you can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, andstroke.  Research has also shown thatworking out can also work as a biochemical pick-me-up for folks with thedepression.  Heck, why wouldn’t I want to commit to a healthier, more active lifestyle?

So, here’s the deal: every week I am going to write a blog post updating my readers on my weight loss, mood, and how I felt emotionally throughout the week. Going into this little project I already know that there is a connection between my mood and my food, so it’s important I document that relationship and find healthier ways to deal with an emotional drop-off.  When I am not blogging about my journey, I will be writing in a print journal a couple times a week to document how I am doing and what I am feeling; I’ll summarize these notes on the Lexicon Devil on Wednesdays. 

Have you ever started a new healthy lifestyle regimen?  Do you have any health tips for me?

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Holly said...

Congradulations on the decision to give yourself a little extra attention! This has been really important to me for the last year and a half. My tips: adopt the "just for today" mantra. This works with almost any resolution, but with dieting it can help you feel less overwhelmed. The idea of going the rest of your life w/out a taste of sugar might seem a little crazy, but anyone can avoid sugar just for today. and tomorrow...etc...also, join a group if possible. there are groups for any diet plan you like as well as non-diet healthy eating groups like Overeater Anonymous etc. There is no shame is asking for help, and having people who truly understand your struggles can make all the difference in the world! Good Luck my friend <3