Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Because I Can't Count: The Final 10 of My Fifty Facts

You know how there are times when you think you have it all covered, only to find out that you don't?  Well, yes.  I had one of those moments not too long ago here on SJSS.  If you'll recall, my 50 Random Facts About Me post was short 10 random facts.


Yes, I did graduate from university.  No, it wasn't clown college.


Ever the devote to symmetry, here are the remaining ten facts for your perusal and your judgement.  Enjoy! :-)

41. I've never dyed my hair, nor do I intend to until I go gray . . . which shouldn't be in the near future as Dutch don't budge, y'all!


42. I have both a Netflix and a Hulu Plus subscription so I can have more reasons to be a shut in.


43. I prefer gelato to ice cream.


44. I bare a striking resemblance to Portia Porcupine from the Get Along Gang.


45. Despite mu blog title, I HATE when people shorten my name.  It's Jamie: not Jay, not JJ, not Jame, not James, and not even Jim.  JAMIE!


46. I'm a very organized, Type A sort of person, but my room is a nightmare of clutter and disorganization.  It looks like I am waiting for the Marshall Plan to come through so I can sort out the rubble.  It's that bad.


47. My favorite makeup brands are NARS, Clinique, Shiesedo, and MAC.

48. I never wear high heels to work in case I need to run for the bus.


49. I don't like other people touching me regardless of whether I know them or not.  I get really uncomfortable and stiff, like Sheldon Cooper, when I am placed in such situations.


50. My best friends are my mom and my pug; I've been lucky to fall in with these two-- I see no reason to socialize further! -_-


So, there you have it: a full 50 facts about yours truly.




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