Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mommy Jim Says So #2: L’Oreal’s Dermo Expertise Advanced Revitalift Night Cream

She’s bag, everyone!  That’s right, it’s time for another installment of “Words of Wisdom from Mommy Jim”!  In today’s entry, my intrepid mother writes about her experiences with L’Oreal’s Dermo Expertise Advanced Revitalift Night Cream.


Buckle your seatbelts, it’s going to get real up in here!


Still being a woman of a certain age (still forty-something), I noticed that my skin was losing its elasticity and that I had developed a couple of *twinkle lines*  at the corners of my eyes. Well, L’Oreal had served me so well with their lash serum, I thought I would head straight to Target and search for another L’Oreal “miracle.”


After doing some personal research, I decided to try their Dermo Expertise Advanced Revitalift Night Cream. After my first usage, I woke up with a painful breakout. I suffer with Rosacea, so this cream reacted instantly with my sensitive and highly reactive skin. Not to be daunted, I then started using the night cream only on my neck, décolletage, and jawline. I wanted to be fair, giving this product an opportunity to work-- even if not for the stated purpose; I wanted to see if the product would live up to some of the hype espoused on the packaging and in the commercial. Heck, I’m worth it, right?


Sticking with a product was not easy: it was tacky and greasy, even after it has been on for hours; God forbid our pug wanted to jump on me for a cuddle. For the sake of a review, and the remote hope that the cream would work, I stuck with the product, not for four weeks (the amount of time the product’s commercials said it would take for a noticeable difference in my skin), but for four months. What changes noticeable occurred in all that time? Absolutely none!!  All I got with this product was breakouts and perpetually tacky and greasy feeling skin. In retrospect I can honestly say that I HATE this product!!


What did I learn from all of this?  That all products from a company are NOT created equal!!  That you need to know what your personal skin issues are and do your research, spending your time and money only on products that have a proven track record with individuals with comparable concerns to yours. Despite what commercials say no product is going to be a cureall.  Just remember that no product can stop the aging process or truly erase all those twinkle lines.


No matter what, aging gracefully shouldn’t mean months of tacky skin.  You can do better L’Oreal-- women are worth it!




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