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Words of Wisdom from Mommy Jim #1: L’Oreal: A Love and Hate Story, Part 1

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What follows is a guest blog from my mom, Mommy Jim.  I’ve enlisted my mom to talk about the ideas and products she has been mulling over recently.  Ever an inclusive space, my mom’s contributions to Sunny Jim Says So will particularly touch on items of relevance to my readers forty and over-- a perspective I cannot and should not attempt to speak authentically to but my hilariously hip (and youthful) mom can.  Sit back and enjoy the amazingness that is Mommy Jim:


Being a woman of certain age (forty-something), sooner or later you begin to notice changes. Changes so slight that it often takes a while to notice, let alone to take any real preventive or proactive action against. It is against this fight against the march of time that my love/hate relationship with L’ Oreal products formed.


It all began a couple of years ago. It seemed like one day I just woke up my eyelashes were noticeably thin, sparse, and rather small. No matter how much mascara I put on or how many times I used my eyelash curler, my lashes were paltry and ultimately looked like tiny dead spiders all curled up on their sides. Interestingly a couple of days later, watching television, I was bombarded with L’Oreal commercials touting the effects of their incredible “new” Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum ($14.95).  Even when I went on vacation to England with my daughter, Sunny Jim, I couldn’t escape commercials for this miracle product!

[caption id="attachment_492" align="aligncenter" width="300"]L'Oreal Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum (image: Google) L'Oreal Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum
(image: Google)[/caption]


The commercial promised the user fuller, longer, more incredible lashes. Well, I thought, it was worth a shot, a possible answer to my issue. After all, like their famous slogan toutes, “I was worth it.”  So, off I went to the various drug stores in search of this so-called miracle product. Finally, my daughter spotted it at Target.


Being a natural-born skeptic, I gave it a try not really expecting (but secretly hoping) it would work. So, that night I began using it. I apply the product to my upper lash in a thin line nightly before bed.  The serum, true to its appearance in the tube, is a cloudy and tacky but dries clear and matte on the lash line.  Since the application process is quick and easy, it didn’t take long to incorporate this step into my nightly skincare routine.


Lo and behold, within a couple of weeks I did begin to notice a difference. Within a couple of months, I noticed a real improvement. My eyelashes were indeed fuller and longer. No more dead spiders!!


That was two, almost three years ago and I still use L’Oreal Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum. I don’t even need to use my eyelash curler, just put on some mascara and I am good to go. I truly do love this product!



Mommy Jim

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