Monday, February 4, 2013

NoFunDay #1

I have been thinking about adding a new semi-regular feature to my blog-- the summary.  Many other bloggers have similar features on their blog and I thought I would incorporate the format into my own little section of the internets . . . albeit with my own sardonic twist.  Since Monday’s generally stink and are usually a cluster bomb of crazy, I’ve decided to schedule these posts for the beginning of the week and move my semi-regular “Appy Daze” features midweek-ish (let’s be honest, it’s hard to find anything to be particularly pleasant about on Mondays).  Heretofore my Monday summary posts will be titled “NoFunDay: Revisited.”

Here’s how the first full week in February began for me:


  • I only managed to get three hours of sleep and only nodded off around two when I had to be up at 5.30 for work.  The past couple of weeks, I have had a terrible cold and have found sleeping difficult for all of my congestion and coughing.  Lately, with my cold on the retreat, I’ve felt really agitated, bloated, and a little depressed (perhaps from all of the cold medicine I have been gobbling for the past two weeks); so, as you can well imagine, I’ve still not fallen back into my black bear in winter sleeping pattern as yet.

    [caption id="attachment_432" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Oh. My. Hunchback. Oh. My. Hunchback.[/caption]

  • Hey, hey!  They found Ricky 3 under a parking lot in Leicester!

  • As I was walking to the bus stop this morning, the shoulder strap on my bag broke.  I’ve only had the bag a couple of weeks and the piping has started to wear off, the interior zipper broke, and now that shoulder strap is no more.  The bag is meant to be a knockoff of the Mulberry Alexa bag and I bought it off of ebay.  Needless to say, I have complained to the seller and have request a full reimbursement of my payment.  Moral of the story: buy your knockoffs from ASOS!

  • Twice I have gone into shops and been accosted by clerks wanting me to stow away my purse and teacher tote bag before they would let me in the store.  For goodness sake-- I’m a (nearly) thirty year old woman.  I made a reasonable living, I do not need to steal Doritos or ballpoint pens, thank you very much!

  • Mondays are also a challenge at work.  I teach high school, so as you can well imagine, my students are just as excited at the prospect of a new week as I am.  Behavior is usually off kilter on Mondays and usually there are technical glitches that always crop up, too.  I’ve worked in several different educational environments throughout my career and Mondays have always been a challenge.

  • On a positive note, I was able to purchase a couple of Valentine’s Day gifts for someone else and a couple of inexpensive baubles for me.  Nothing helps you feel more optimistic than a browse around your favorite online shops.

  • I’ve decided to do a series of posts in the leadup to my birthday that are all about my elderly-like tastes and disposition.  I know that this sounds bananas, but in many ways I act like an old person; if nothing else, I think my quirky sensibilities are a proper lesson in the relativity of age.  Once they’re posted, you’ll be in hysterics.  I promise.

    [caption id="attachment_433" align="aligncenter" width="300"]She's NEW WORLD ORDER! She's NEW WORLD ORDER![/caption]

  • Beyonce is illuminate and she blacked out the Superdome with the power of triangles!

  • After the better part of the week trying to finalize students’ grades for the first semester, I managed to turn in my grades today with the assistance of our guidance counselor.  I know that makes me sound dumb as a post, but we had to contend with a technical glitch that made this otherwise simple process murderous.

  • My skin feels gross and oily today which is either a response to the potato wedges I had for lunch or my skin’s way of telling me that Spring is around the corner.  Who needs a stupid groundhog when you have combination skin?

  • I got motion sick on the bus ride home and ended up puking up said potato wedges as soon as I got home.

How has your Monday gone?  Let me know what you got up to in the comments below.



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