Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feminist Gift Guide #3: Quick Shippers

I know I have been lax in my gift guide writing, however, to my credit, I have been busy with work and, well . . . getting and giving gifts myself!  Rest assured, I've been having a think about the last-minute shoppers who read my blog and have been scouring the internets looking for solutions to their shopping dilemmas.

If you’re like me and you hate visiting a shopping center during the crazy holiday season--honestly, who wants to get crushed by a mob of people at the register or mugged in the parking lot?!-- than internet shopping is your best bet.  Even this late in the season there are online vendors that are promising delivery by Christmas Eve.  Members of Amazon’s Prime Program (which I know to be available in both the US and  the UK), for instance, have two more shopping days to purchase gifts for free two day delivery; other folks can-- depending on the item-- order as late as Saturday morning and still receive their items with express delivery.

Similarly, Sephora is offering free two-day shipping on their site through today which should get you your items by Christmas Eve; if you dally, make sure you use express shipping.  Express shipping is still available from Ulta’s site . . . but the company do not promise that items will be delivered by Christmas.

Toys r Us will allow shoppers to make an online purchase until the 22nd for home delivery on Christmas Eve (with express shipping) and December 24 by 11 am PST for in-store pickup.

Shoppers at Macy’s website who make a purchase before Friday at 2 pm PST should be in receipt of their package by Christmas Eve as long as you select express shipping; however, depending on the item and its availability, your shipment may be delayed.

Many of these same retailers will also allow you to purchase electronic gift certificates for your loved ones.  It’s worth noting that electronic gift certificates are, by their very nature, a last minute item and do carry a social stigma to them.  In all honesty, no one really likes getting a sheet of computer paper as a present on Christmas-- it’s rather impersonal.  So, if that’s the route you find yourself needing to take, make sure that you give as generously as possible-- an extra $10 to $20 can often smooth many ruffled feathers!

Another option for these electronic gift certificates is to gift someone the cost of an item (plus a few bucks more) they have been wanting for a long time but would not have purchased for themselves.  Giving in this way is less impersonal than a blanket $50, allows you to tailor your dollar amount to a specific item, and let’s you tell you intended that you wanted to buy them this particular item . . . but you didn’t know which option(s) they had they were interested in.  This, dear readers, is a (generous) artful dodge!

Alright folks, you’re burning daylight . . . go and get those gifts!  Hurry, hurry!


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