Monday, December 10, 2012

Back from the Ozone

The one downside to blogging for the enthusiastic unprofessional writer is the knowledge that, at some point (often, multiple points), you will have your attention diverted by some matter or another that is usually more pressing than your structured, leisure pursuit.  In the last few weeks, a combination of work, family, preparing for the holidays, and a lingering back injury have kept me away from my beloved WordPress.

Luckily, things are beginning to wind down at work and my holiday arrangements have already been made (suck it, day-before shoppers!) so I am beginning to have “found time” that I can devote to my hobby-- blogging from this nifty little corner of the interwebs that I inhabit.

With my evenings looks more open than they have in weeks, I have a few posts that will be coming to everyone over the next week including advice on how to create a vision board for yourself (a long promised and in-progress post!), the second entry in my feminist-approved gift guide, some bits on how to celebrate your pet’s birthday, and my tips for time management (ever a challenge in my world!).

It’s good to be back and I look forward to sharing some amazing ideas with everyone this holiday season.



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