Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Wet 'n Wild's Party of Five Glitters

Last week, I took a tumble during inclement weather. As is typical, when my ego is bruised, I sooth the pain with purchases. One of these injury-induced purchases was a bottle of Wet 'n Wild Fast Dry nail polishes in Party of Five Glitters.

Wet 'n Wild is a bargain cosmetics company that I remember fondly from my girlhood; many young women my age bought their first totem bits of makeup from Wet 'n Wild. I still remember my mom painting my nails with sparkly Wet 'n Wild polish as a little girl and feeling all the more fancy for it. As I grew older and my cosmetic choices began to be more frequently from the department store counters, I all but forgot Wet 'n Wild.

Oh, how I was wrong to ever turn my back on you Wet 'n Wild!

First of all, let me say that most claims of rapid dryness are hogwash; you should always wait at least a solid twenty minutes before you do any real activity with your hands less your polish be compromised-- this is true of bargain as well as salon brands of polish. Wet 'n Wild was no exception to this rule.

As I mentioned in my CVS nail polish haul at the time, Party of Five Glitters ($1.99), true to its name, is a clear topcoat with silver, green, red, light blue, and fuchsia chunky glitters of varying sizes floating around in it.  Like all glitter polishes, it took about three coats for me to get a fair layer of glitter on my nails (yes and all five glitters are represented on each nail, I totally checked).
What sets this polish apart from other glittery offerings-- both high end and drug store-- is its finish.  Often, glittery polishes don’t leave a smooth finish on the nail which can easily get snagged on fabric or in your hair-- an annoyance I repeatedly encountered with OPI’s “Fresh Frog of Bel Air.”  Thankfully, Party of Five Glitters leaves a smooth finish, even after repeated coats, and is suitable both as a stand-alone polish as well as a shimmery top coat over a matte color.

Another aspect of Party of Five Glitters that I have greatly enjoyed is it’s staying powers.  I took the photos accompanying this review today . . . my fourth full day of having worn the polish.  Only today does the varnish show any signs of chipping.  Even though I am wearing an Essie base coat under the polish, this is a level of durability I am not used to, especially as someone who spends a lot of her day typing at work and during my free time.

So, without question, Wet ‘n Wild has earned back my love and admiration and Party of Five Glitters have my highest praise!

Go nab yourself a bottle today!

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