Friday, November 16, 2012

'Appy Daze: The Pug of My Life

Yes, dear readers, ‘Appy Daze are here again (although a bit late)!  This week, I thought I would tell you more about my dog, Duchess (otherwise known as “The Foosa”), who just happens to be my best friend and and the coolest person I know . . . even though she has fur.

Like me, Duchess had a rough start; she spent the first six years of her life in the care of another owner who didn’t provide her with proper medical care (e.g., getting her fixed and giving her preventative medicines), fed her a low quality dog food that left her malnourished, and eventually surrendered her to a rescue organization.  When we adopted Duchess shortly before my birthday in March, she was very reserved and seemed understandably uncertain about her surroundings.  While she was immediately sweet and affectionate with us, Duchess took some time trying to figure my mother and I out; she knew she liked us, but she wanted to know she was at her forever home before she committed to loving us.

With lots of love, training, and consistency we have shown Duchess that she is in a safe, happy home that is forever her’s and that she will always be taken care of by people who love her dearly.  She is the light of our lives and every day we strive to let her know that.

[caption id="attachment_288" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Thank you, Washington Irving, for making this moment possible. Sincerely, THE WORLD[/caption]

Since her adoption, Duchess has morphed into another girl entirely: she is very affectionate (never shy about pinning me down and licking every speck of makeup off of my face), playful, and confident enough to voice her opinions (especially when she wants a snack).  Duchess knows what she wants and, more often than not, we are pleased as punch to give it to her.

Having Duchess in my life has truly been a blessing; she gives my life a meaning and dimension where there was none.  Before Duchess, I seemed to have an abundance of time that weighed on me heavily and never seemed to be full enough or spent meaningfully.  Often, the simple act of getting up in the morning was a struggle and the prospect of having to face another day was virtually unbearable.

While day to day life is still challenging for me, I still face each new day because I know that I get to spend at least part of it hanging out with Duchess.  Also, as irritable as I may feel in the morning, I know that Duchess needs me to take care of her and to give her the love and affection she deserves.  Some mornings, she even comes over and wakes me up!

Truly, Duchess gives me a reason to want to face the day.  It is not enough to do something because you need to, not when it comes to living, you have to find a reason to want to live.  Duchess is my reason and it is easy to see why.

As you will notice from my photos of her, Duchess, like all pugs, is ridiculously adorable and has the largest, most expressive eyes.  It is impossible to resist such a sweet little face; she’s just too cute and bear cub-like to ignore.

[caption id="attachment_200" align="aligncenter" width="225"] My lovely pug girl at bath time.[/caption]

When I am feeling low, Duchess is quick to lick me affectionately or jump on the couch to sit with me (or on me as  the case may be).  I don’t have to be crying or expressing my feelings outwardly for her to inherently know that I need her calming comfort.  From the very moment we picked her up, Duchess was affectionate towards me (even licking me senseless on the car ride home); it was as if she knew from the start how much I needed her.

For me, the decision to adopt Duchess was the best choice I ever made.  She needs me and I need her.  We’re two souls who, having been lost in troubled seas for so long, found safe harbor in one another.

The world is a happier, more manageable place for me because of Duchess.  She is more than my best friend and even more than a member of my family, she is my lifeline.

[caption id="attachment_37" align="aligncenter" width="225"] My girl, happy in her summer finery.[/caption]

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