Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bargains for the Broken

Ok, kids, it’s time to get light hearted.

If you’ve been to my neck of the interwebs (either on Wordpress or Twitter), you’ll remember that earlier this week my beloved pug, The Foosa, accidently scratched my face, leaving an impressive looking but otherwise innocuous Dr. Evil-like wound down my right cheek.  I’m only partially convinced that the cut won’t scar and have already crafted a *just in case* scar-combating regimen should I be left with any residual pigmentation flaws.

Wouldn’t you know it, in typical Sunny Jim fashion (on a rainy day, no less), just as I was starting to notice that my cut was healing, another accident befell me.  As part of my commute to work, I have to walk down a through way that is roughly paved and often muddy while it is still rather dark out.  Half-asleep and not paying my stride any mind, I slipped in a muddy patch and crumpled onto one knee, mucking up my jeans and skinning myself up in the process.  Luckily, I was one of the first people to work and was able to rush into the bathroom and clean off my jeans (foaming hand soap, water, and paper towels are a Godsend to a girl in need!) and tend to my skinned knee.

However, while I am on the mend physically, my pride has taken something of a beating (is the week over yet?).  To cheer myself up, I went to CVS during my lunch break and picked up three bargainous nail polishes from Wet ‘n Wild for about $3.25 (including sales tax).  Those of you in your mid-twenties or older may remember Wet ‘n Wild as the 99 cent beauty line from whom we experimented with our first lip products, eye pencils, and bold nail polishes.  While I have moved on to more upscale brands in adulthood, I found myself drawn back to Wet ‘n Wild due to a coupon I had received through CVS’s Extra Care program: $2.00 off of a purchase of $4.99 or more.  Amazing, no?

Here are the polishes I picked up (from left to right):


Party of Five Glitters, Hallucinate, and Gray’s Anatomy.

Part of Five Glitters is a clear topcoat with silver, green, light blue, fuchsia, and red glitters floating throughit.  The polish contains a combination of chunky and fine glitters; the silver and fuchsia shades predominate the assortment.  Now that we are moving into the holiday season, and since fall is finally beginning to hit California, this shade is a pretty and festive way to take advantage of fall’s berry trend without the threat of wrecking your nails with a highly pigmented polish.


My second glittery color is Hallucinate, another clear topcoat with glitter thrown in for good measure, in this case a fine,  iridescent silvery glitter.  This polish reminds me of one of the first polishes I had as a girl and is both friendly to my brittle nails and work appropriate.


Lastly, Gray’s Anatomy is an iridescent gray with green, teal, and purple iridescence.  The polish is so iridescent, in fact, that it’s hardly recognizable as gray at all.  I picked this one up primarily because it reminds me of one of the first OPI polishes I ever purchased, the now long discontinued Berlin Wall.  It’s a lovely color, suits my cool-toned skin, and a reminder of beloved polishes past.


I’ve yet to apply any of these polishes, but when I do, I’ll post a Wet ‘n Wild nail polish review.  Wouldn’t it be great if these bargain polishes rival the quality and durability of both OPI and Essie?

Let me know what bargain polishes you love or how you treat yourself when you’re feeling blue.



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