Sunday, October 14, 2012

Looking for Happiness #1: My Family

Hello, everyone.  As promised, here is the first post in my series about the people, places, activities, and things that give me hope and happiness, even in the depths of my discontent.  As this title implies, the entry on my list is my family.

If you have read my blog for a while (both in this incarnation and its previous ones) or follow me on Twitter, you’ll remember that I live at home with my mom and my dog.  Before you start laughing at me, know that I elect to live at home.  I make enough money to live on my own; I prefer the company of my family and are loathed to share my living space, and supply of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, with someone who isn’t biologically obligated to care about me.

When I use the term “My Family,” I am really talking only about the two people I live with-- my mom and my dog.  While I have lots of relatives, the only people that I have any relationship with are the people I live with. I learned at an early age that being biologically related to someone doesn’t mean that they deserve a place in your life.  Family, like food, cosmetics, and clothing, can not only be chosen but chosen for quality.  As such, though my own familial roster is a short one, it is very hearty.

My mother isn’t just my parent-- and my only parent at that-- she is my best friend.  I’ve never known another human being who I liked to spend more time with than my mother.  She’s smart, funny, honest, and genuine.

Even though we have our differences, my mother is the greatest person I have ever known; I am truly lucky to have a person like her as my mother.  While we have our differences-- sometimes very strong, vocal differences-- I know that I can still rely on my mother to support and love me.  When the chips are down, when circumstances seem to be at their most dire, I know that my mother is there for me.  No matter what.

My mother and I have always been close; I’ve considered my mother to be my best friend since I small little.  I was an only child and my mother was a single parent; it’s always been the two of us against the world, both literally and figuratively.  Truly, I could never find another person I love, value or trust as much as my mother.  Really, I am a very lucky person to have my mother in my life.

Duchess, my pug girl, joined our little family shortly before my birthday this March.  In seven months, she has become the light of our lives.  Without a doubt, Duchess is a smart, loving, silly, and ever so sassy little lady; neither my mother and I could imagine what life would be like without her.  In the moments when I feel at my lowest, I know that I can cuddle with Duchess and feel better just feeling her warm little heart beating against mine.  The love and comfort that a dog brings to a person’s life cannot be overestimated.  I am a better, happier person for having Duchess in my life.

Even in my darkest moments, in the depths of my deepest despair, I know that I have the love of my mom and my pug and my life is the better for it.  

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