Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Twilight of My Summer Vacation, Days 21-22: Summer Goals . . . Extended!

Hello, hello dear reader!

Well, what a short (by teacher's standards) summer it has been!  As my "freedom" draws to a close (I have to be in at work four days next week, then start teaching again the day after Labor Day), I have noticed that I haven't achieved all of the summer goals that I had set out to meet.  Anyone with a to-do list understands this condition: you mean to do so much with your time off . . . and you manage to complete only a fraction of them.  Like many, I could beat myself up over what I haven't accomplished (like I would normally do during the school year), or I can reassess where my goals are and either continue to move forward with them (turning them into autumn goals) or scrap them in favor of other goals.  That, in my opinion, is a more productive and in keeping with the point of goals: to better yourself and further aspirations.

So, here is where I stand, as yet, with my goals:

  1. Read at Least 6 books-- I've completed 4, so far, and have two books that are nearing completion.  I should be done with both of them by the end of the weekend.  Yes, I will continue reading throughout the autumn.  I am actually behind on the 60 book goal that I set on Good Reads for 2012. 

  2. Try a new activity-- I haven't tried a new activity . . . yet!  I will, however, continue to work on this goal, and expanding my horizons, as we begin to transition into fall. 

  3. Eat more consciously-- I have been tracking what I eat, but I have slacked off some throughout the semester and haven't been as mindful as I should have been.  Moving forward, I will continue to be vigilant . . . more than I have been!

  4. Get a tan—an even one-- I am still rather uneven; then again, I haven't been in the sun all that much either (can you believe it's been too warm to be outside? yes?  ok.).  I will, however, be evening myself out further with self-tanners as we move into fall; I want to keep a relatively healthy glow throughout the season-- a natural glow, not a day-glow-Pippa sort of look.

  5. Go on a road trip-- Toss! I wasn't able to do this over the summer and, frankly, after weeks at home, I am not sure I could stand to spend any more time in a confined space . . .

  6. Get out more-- Toss!  This never really got off the ground and it won't now that I go back to sixty-hour work weeks, ho-hum!

  7. Update wardrobe-- I will be doing this throughout the season. :-)

  8. Watch ten movies-- I, of course, will continue watching films throughout the season!

  9. Complete summer classes

  10. Complete a grand multi-disc miniseries or television show-- Toss! I didn't get the time over vacation, where am I going to find it now?!

  11. Get my driver’s permit Accomplished!

  12. Reward myself for my accomplishments-- We all need to do this, regardless of the time we have set aside for the purpose!  Celebrate the great things that you have accomplished!

How well did you do on your goals? Let me know in the comments!


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