Monday, August 20, 2012

The Twilight of My Summer Vacation, Days 15-20: Bummed Out By aClusterfuck of Trans-Global Misogyny

This week has been both personally and politically draining.  I am sorry that I have been absent for several days; processing all that has been going on has been hard enough to do in 140 characters, let alone 300 words or more.  Anyhoo . . .

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you are well aware of the fact that, in addition to being a first-rate smarty pants and avowed pug lover, I am an ardent feminist.  For those of you operating under any misconception as to what feminist means (to me anyway, I do despise metanarratives), let me clarify: feminism at its most basic level is the belief that women should have social, cultural, economic, and political equality with men.  This definition can, and should in my opinion, be extended out to all genders (I’m not one for binaries); regardless of how we identify and perform gender, we should all have social, economic, and political equality.  As a feminist, I am strongly against structures—be they social, cultural, economic, and political—that stand in the way of equality and actively fight against them.

As a feminist, I know that patriarchy—the social organization in which men are the supreme authority—hurts everyone, women, men, trans folks, and anyone else.  If you want an explanation gender variety and of how patriarchy hurts everyone, which I am not going to get into, might I suggest you look into the work of Judith Butler, Kate Bornstein, and Susan Faludi.

So, what has gotten my feminist ire up lately?  Well, a number of things:

  1. Pussy Riot has been sentenced to two years in a Russian work camp for blasphemous hooliganism.

  2. Julian Assange was granted political asylum by Ecuador and may not answer legally for rape aligations.

  3. Todd Adkin has a non-existent understanding of biology and re-coins the phrase “legitimate rape.”

  4. Politico’s Dave Catanese needless manspalins the Adkins mess.

  5. George Galloway’s comments on the Assange debacle.

  6. 6.    The naming of Assange’s accusers on British Television.

I’m too furious to even expand upon these points at this juncture; they just are for me right now.  Their quick succession really hasn’t allowed me, or many like-minded individuals, to regroup from these events.  It’s just one crack after another.

Meh. :-/


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