Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Vacation, Days 14 & 15: Errands, Chores, and What's to Come

The past few days, I have been working diligently on some chores around the house and running home and school related errands.  Since I have been busy with mundane activities, I haven't had the opportunity to really prepare an informative top-notch post for my readers.  Now, while I am sure you empathize with the household activities I need to attend to, I am also confidant that they wouldn't rock your world either; so, I won't bother any of you with the details.  Instead, I thought I would let provide my readers with a preview of posts that I am planning to write within the next week or so.

  • My tips for getting the best price on college textbooks

  • An announcement about how you can benefit from my know-it-all-ness outside of Wordpress

  • A revision to my summer reading list

  • An update of what I have already read this summer with reviews and recommendations

  • Review of films available to rent or stream that I have recently watched

  • My tips for getting your high schooler or new junior college student ready for the new academic year

Let me know is there are any more how-to posts, reviews, or commentaries that you'd like me to put on my blog in the comments.

Later, gators!


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