Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer Vacation, Day 9: Films, Bargains, Accomplishments Galore

Hello, hello, dear readers!  I hope today's post finds you in good health and great spirits.  I, for one, am on top of the world because I have made tremendous progress towards my own summer goals.  First, if you have read my updated entry from yesterday, you will know that I had been preparing, somewhat haphazardly, for my driver's permit test.  This morning I had my testing appointment and I thankfully passed.  It's quite a jaunt out to the DMV and I am not sure my resolve to get my permit could have sustained a second trek out to the office in order to retest; so, hurrah for moi!  Also, let me just say that I would, under no circumstances, advise anyone to go to the DMV without making an appointment online; I was in and out of the office in less than an hour, but the other unprepared fools who arrived before me appeared to be in for a long wait as I skipped off to Starbucks.  So, long story long, there's goal #11 accomplished!

This afternoon, I went to the movies and finally saw The Dark Knight Rises which I greatly enjoyed-- more so than The Dark Knight, which I believed couldn't be surpassed in terms of action movie amazingness.  I'd been avoiding seeing the movie for the past few weeks for obvious reasons; it just didn't feel right . . . as though a respectable amount of time hadn't elapsed.  This week felt more decorous, so I saw the film; it was brilliant, but I won't say anything about the film in case anyone hasn't seen it yet.  :-)

Last night, I also watched a documentary on Amazon Prime Instant Video that was nothing to write home about.  The catch with Prime Instant Video is that it's really scatter-shot.  So, for each amazing gem you find, there are twenty more turd sandwiches to make you question your fundamental belief in humanity.  Nonetheless, I was able to knock two films off of my goal to watch ten this summer.

While waiting for today's showtime to roll around, I bought two books at an independent bookshop (one new and one used) that I needed to purchase for my own use at work.  Total, these two finds cost less than $15.00-- a definite bargain as far as books go!  If you're curious about what I am/ will be reading for work, feel free to check out my Teacher Reading List on Good Reads which lets you know what is in my immediate reading queue.  Please note that books in this list are ones that I have often read in the past and are re-reading in order to prepare for instruction.

So, what are y'all reading and have you set any summer goals for yourselves?  Let me know! :-)



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