Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Vacation, Day 20: Let's Network!

Hello, everyone!

I hope your weekends are all very relaxing.  While mine, per usual, has been busy, I have begun to relish having extra time to focus on non-academia activities: reading, writing, pestering my dog, and sleeping.  With more time on my hands, I have decided to start branching my blog out, and begin to connect more with my readers and market my writing a bit more.  There's a lot of information and ideas I would like to share with my readers and not all of that information is suited for the blog format; so, why wouldn't I create across platforms?  Right?  Right.

If you've take a gander at the right-side of my blog, you will notice that I already have linked both my Twitter and GoodReads accounts to my blog; I've been using both of these services for quite some time and update them frequently.  I use Twitter for the same purpose as most folks: it's just me spewing about whatever is on my mind be it political, (not too) personal, or humorous.  GoodReads, on the other hand, is an aggregated indexing of what I am reading and have read.  Since I am not too keen on television, I tend to read a lot and have set a goal of reading at least 60 books this year.  Sadly, I am rather behind on that goal at the moment!  So, if you're interested in seeing what I am reading or thinking at the moment, feel free to connect with my on either service.

I've also just started a Pinterest site just for my blog as well as a YouTube Channel.  For Pinterest, I have started boards to post helpful hints, as well as things I am loving, wanting, and enjoying.  Feel free to follow and share some of your favorite pins with me, too.  I'm always eager to know what my kindred blogging spirits are up to.  On YouTube, I plan to post how-to videos and, perhaps, haul videos later on.  Since I haven't added any of my own content yet, let me know if there are any how-tos you want me to delve into or if you are interested to see what I have been getting and/or liking lately.

Oh!  If any of my readers are super Word Press ninjas, let me know if you have a way to add Pinterest and YouTube widgets to your page.  :-)



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