Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Vacation, Day 12: Laudry, Discounts, Reading, and Films

Today was a lazy Saturday, to say the least.  It's now just past six in the evening and the only real accomplishments I can count are that I managed to wash and dry three loads of laundry and managed to save a bundle on a soda run to CVS, which are hardly the stuff of legendary weekends.  Further, in true milquetoast-Jamie fashion, the only plans I have for this evening involve facial masks, unpacking some things from the great carpet instillation move, reading my book, and watching a film for research.  Yes, everyone, I am that hardcore.

Yet, before I sign off for today, I wanted to reiterate the importance of always keeping your coupons and discount cards on your person; you never know either when the shopping spirit will hit you, or when you will be able to combine a sale price with a coupon and some incentive cash.  Today alone, I saved 75% on my CVS run and I saved about $30 earlier in the week by combining club-card offers, member discount coupons, and manufacturer coupons.  Remember, like I said earlier in the week, you don't need to be crazy and live like a hoarder in order to save big time with coupons-- you just need to think strategically and be prepared.



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