Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Vacation, Day 11: Hellish Heat Five Step Survival Guide

It's summer and oy vey is it hot.

Much of the United States is suffering under weeks' (months'?) worth of oppressive heat with little hope of relief on the horizon.  With mother nature apparently on an extended vacation, there is little else to do with one's days other than to persist.  Having lived the entirety of my life in a warm climate my entire life, I've got some tips to help you make it through these triple digit days:

  1. Stay inside:  During the warmest parts of the day (usually from around 2 to 6 in the afternoon/ evening), stay inside and limit any physical activities; I know it goes without saying, but it's worth repeating.  Try to run any outdoor errands or exercise either early in the morning or after the sun has gone down.  I didn't follow my own advice a few days ago and, if you'll remember, I ended up in the proverbial poop.

  2. Avoid using your oven: It's hot outside, you don't really want to eat a hot meal!  What are you-- crazy?  Eat a sandwich or a salad, sheesh.

  3. Keep yourself slathered in sunscreen: Skin cancer is all-too-common in our country; so limit the possibility of developing the disease by wearing a broad spectrum SPF that will give you long-lasting coverage.  Also, remember that no matter how long lasting a sunscreen may claim to be, you still have to frequently reapply less you loose your sun protection.  If, like me, you worry about your sunscreen breaking you out, make sure to pick a day moisturizer with an SPF in it, like Nutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer with SPF 15, as well as a translucent mineral SPF you can wear over or in lieu of makeup.

  4. Keep your pets inside: Pets aren't able to regulate their body temperatures as efficiently as their human counterparts, so make sure you keep them inside and cool, too!  Also, help your pets stay cooler buy putting ice cubs in their water dishes to encourage them to drink more water or my feeding them frozen bites of their favorite fruits or veg to help cool them down.  Just because your pooch can't (and shouldn't!) eat a Popsicle doesn't mean they can't enjoy their own healthy frozen treat.  Try frozen berries or slices of bananas. :-)

  5. Embrace Peppermint: On a hot day, nothing will cool you down more than a little peppermint!  Add a little extract to a glass of water to make it instantly cooler and more refreshing.  Drink a cup of mint tea or green tea with mint extract and feel refreshed . . . and soak up some lovely antioxidants.  Or, my favorite suggestion of all, wash up with some peppermint-infused soap, or add some peppermint essential oil to your bath to cool down your skin after a long, hot day.

I hope these tips come in handy for you this summer.  If you have some suggestions of your own, share them in the comments below and I'll add them to the list and give you credit for your contribution.



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