Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Vacation, Days 5-8: Packing, Writing, Unpacking, PaydayNightmares, and DMV Studying

It's been an eventful four days for yours truly, to say the least.  I spent the entire weekend packing up all the belongings we had in our front room and two bedrooms, cramming them into our kitchen, patio, and bathroom in order to accommodate carpet installers that came on Monday morning.  When I wasn't packing, I was hunched over my laptop, hammering out the last paper that for one of my two summer classes.  Luckily, amid all of the boxes and the stress, I was able to complete the paper at a reasonable hour on the due date and get it sent off to the professor.  I do have to say that, all things considered, I managed to write an exceptional paper.  Per usual, it seems that I do my best work under tight deadlines and somewhat dire circumstances; somehow, that fact is both troubling and reassuring at the same time.

Once the new carpet was put it-- it looks lovely, thank you for asking-- we then moved all of our packed belonging back into their respective rooms though, to be fair, we haven't managed to unpack everything.  Okay, okay, I haven't unpacked . . . anything at all.  But, though I am notoriously lazy, I shall unpack and put everything away over the next week.  I will, honestly.  Sheesh!

Today, however, I did experience something of a mild heart attack when I woke up to find that my paycheck hadn't been direct deposited into my bank account (like it was meant to have been).  After a series of terrified calls and texts, I learned that my check had been mailed (luckily it did arrive) and that this month's and next month's paychecks would be paper-based.  Mind you, neither my colleagues nor I had been alerted to this fact so it was a major shock to see my bank account balance far lower than I had originally anticipated it to be.  Luckily, the check was in the mail and crisis was averted.

Humorously though, perhaps because of the stress of the past several days, I took a two hour nap late this morning, curled up with my pug.  Mind you, I didn't even take naps when I was a child, so today's siesta was decidedly out of character . . . though exactly what I needed!



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*** Update***

08/01: It occurred to me this morning that I didn't elaborate on why I was doing some DMV studying.  Well, dear reader, I was studying for my driver's permit test, albeit halfheartedly.  :-)

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