Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goals and What Not

My six week summer vacation is going to begin in a couple of weeks and I, ever the overachiever, have started to formulate a series of goals that I would like to accomplish while I do not have any professional commitments eating away at my free time.  Most of my goals, I am now seeing, have less to do with things that I need to get done during my loafing weeks and more to do with social aspects of my life that I have either willfully or inadvertently ignored over the past year. No one said my goals had to be spectacular.  Right?

In any event, here are my goals and a little about them:

  1. Read at least 4 books: I often find myself having to read to prepare for work or having to read for the extended education classes I take; it would be lovely to read books that I have selected myself for myself.  I want to read selfishly!

  2. Try a new activity: Now, I don’t mean that I want to do something dangerous or something that is grossly out of character (I’m not skydiving—ever); I simply want to try an activity that I’ve either never had the chance to do in the past or, at the very least, something novel.  Who knows, I may take up cricket or join a fight club.

  3. Eat more consciously: I am sure that many people, me included, have a bad habit of eating mindlessly while at their desk at work.  It’s easy to mindlessly eat an entire bag of Fritos without realizing the quantity that you are eating or where that added corn chip weight may end up; I want to be really conscious of what I eat, how much, and when this summer, especially since I have the time to make more informed choices.

  4. Get a tan—an even one: I’m of Dutch and Irish ancestry, so I am not going to be a bronzed goddess anytime soon; nonetheless, it would be nice to have a little color for the season . . . even if that means I have to even myself out with a nice spray tan.  Hey, I’m down for it.  It’s summer.

  5. Go on a road trip: I’ve not had enough of these in my lifetime.  Since I live in California, it only makes sense that my family and I would do a little driving and go and see some of the cool attractions that our little corner of the world has to offer.  Now: to get the Xanex I’ll need to put up with mom’s menopausal road rage . . .

  6. Get out more: I’m going to be honest with you, readers: unless my dog needs to go to the bathroom, I’m not keen on going outside unless it’s to board the bus to the mall.  Getting out (perhaps while working on goal #2) could only been a positive thing for someone like me.  I almost think that being an only child and having developed the ability to amuse myself is a bad thing is so much as it has curtailed my need to seek the society of others.  Others—who needs them?

  7. Update wardrobe: I’d like to add some more classic pieces to my wardrobe, both my professional and my casual wardrobe: shirts, sweaters, blazers, et al. I’m almost thirty; I think it’s high time that I dressed a bit more grown up.

  8. Watch ten movies: I love film; it only makes sense that I would make a point of watching ten movies (either at the cinema or on DVD) that I haven’t seen before.

  9. Complete summer classes: So . . . I take extended education courses year round (I’m an intellectual masochist, I know).  I'd just like to complete the classes that I am currently working on and to complete them on a high note.  I don't want to feel hurried while finishing the classes; I want to feel positive about what I have done.

  10. Complete a grand multi-disc miniseries or television show: I have watched entire series on DVD before (Britcoms, Twin Peaks, et al.); I'd like to do that again.  Preferably, I'd like to make y way through one of those still collar miniseries things that they have on PBS all the time.  That seems like something sophisticated people do.

Fingers crossed, I will not look back on this post in a couple months and cringe.  If and/or when I accomplish these things, I'll post them on my blog.  Heck, since I am going to have more time on my hands, I will probably be blogging more as well.  So, sink or swim, I should be more conversant.



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