Friday, February 10, 2012

UniLad My First Glance at Transcontinental Campus Rape Culture (A Short, Introductory Analysis)

For those of us who have grown up in the US and have found ourselves entrenched in American University life, particularly  post-Katie Roiphe  University life, are well aware of the prevalence of date rape.  For better or worse, American institutions of higher education have a history of being unsafe places for young women, particularly in relation to sex and romance, a point driven home by the on-going University of Virginia lacrosse murder trial.  I was shocked to learn that such violent acts against women, and the promotion of sexual violence is similarly commonplace in British University life.  This point was driven home to this week when I learned about UniLad, an online British student magazine that promotes rape, harassment, misogyny, and violence all in the name of "banter."  Before I launch into a more detailed analysis of UniLad, please read this piece on the controversy from The Guardian.

Yes, you have blog homework.

More tomorrow when I am no longer exhausted.