Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mata Hari: Friend of Foe?

I have been thinking about Mata Hari, the WWI spy (and Low-lander) who used her feminine wiles to help her get information. Can we make a case for her being a feminist, though she was absent from the Wiki-list? Is she an icon worth claiming? Do we (should we) have agency, or assert agency, over her as a complicated icon to female sexual power, sex work, and political power? Can we embrace Mata Hari without a caveat? Should we embrace Mata Hari? Can we take Fassbinder's co-option of Mata Hari (in almost verb like fashion) for the heroines of his BDR Trilogy as a path to Mata?

Talk amongst yourselves and enjoy my favorite song from Fassbinder's Lola.

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