Sunday, June 5, 2011

Smoothie Move

Perhaps one of the greatest lessons that Third Wave feminism taught us—among many lessons vital to ethical twenty-first century living—was that embracing and reclaiming traditionally “feminine” activities are radical acts in and of themselves. Truly, the feminist movement (now writ even larger in the fourth wave—that’s us, btw) isn’t furthered by diminishing the work of our foremothers. Rather, in sharing our love of crafting, cooking, and creating in general, we are simultaneously honoring the work of our ancestresses and making a radical gesture. Politics are fun, yummy, and totally legit.

In honor of my grandmother, herself a domestic ninja, and the as yet theoretical summer season, here is my recipe for a healthy [and uber delish] strawberry banana smoothie.

Strrrawberry Banana Smoothie!
These directions yield one 12 oz smoothie; for a larger smoothie, or a smoothie for several people, double the proportions!

You’ll Need:
6 oz pot non-fat vanilla yoghurt
8 oz apple juice
1 cup frozen strawberries
1 banana

2 teaspoons flavorless fiber powder
2 teaspoons flavorless protein powder
1 teaspoon clover honey

Before Your Smoothie Directions:
1. Spoon dollops of yoghurt into the wells of a clean, dry ice tray. Depending on how much you fill the wells, one 6 oz pot of yoghurt should yield between 6-8 cubes (enough for 3-4 smoothies). Allow to freeze overnight.

2. To remove yoghurt cubes from their tray, fill a sink approximately one inch deep with warm water. Allow cubes to slightly loosen and use a dull butter knife to help pop them from the tray. Place your cubes into a zip-tight freezer bag and store until use.
3. Unpeel one banana and cut into quarter inch chunks. Place banana chunks into a zip-tight freezer bag and allow to freeze over night.

To Make Your Smoothie:
1. In a blender combine two yoghurt cube, apple juice, strawberries, and 1/3 of your banana chunks. You may also add fiber or protein powder as desired (do not exceed 2 teaspoons of supplemental powders total!) or a teaspoon of clover honey for a sweeter smoothie.

2. Pulse mixture until fully combined. If using an emersion blender, make sure to pulse the machine throughout the smoothie in order to insure that it is fully combined.
3. If your smoothie is too thick, add one ounce (about a half jigger) of apple juice until the beverage achieves the consistency of your choice!
4. Serve and enjoy!

Being strong and healthy physically is just as important as being strong and healthy mentally. This smoothie is a great, yummy way to get your 6-8 servings of fruit and veg in. Also, since you are only using small pots of yoghurt and frozen fruit, it's much cheaper, too! Yummy, healthy, AND thrifty!-- you can't shake a stick at that!